Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The week Logan was born

Monday, October 7th was our last child birth class at the hospital. I was over going to class, Mike was super busy at work, and we decided not to go. Instead, we went to our little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant and ate cheese enchiladas. That night, I became horribly sick. I won't go into the details, but it was BAD! I also experienced what I now know were full blown contractions. Tuesday morning came and I felt perfectly fine. Wednesday morning came and I had plans to meet my mom for lunch and run errands. I ate breakfast like I always do, but this time Logan didn't move after I ate. This was unusual. I knew by now, at 36 weeks exactly, that he was probably big and maybe that's why he wasn't moving much. I wrote a couple thank you notes, took a shower, got ready, and he still wasn't moving. I also started to not feel well. I took my blood pressure and my diastolic pressure was 112, which was higher than it's ever been when I've taken it on my own. At that moment I knew something wasn't right, so I drove straight to the hospital. My mom got there shortly after I did, and Mike made great time getting there from downtown. The nurses took my BP 4 times and 3 of the 4 were perfectly normal, Logan's heartbeat was perfect too. They called my doctor and she told me to go on bed rest the rest of the day and she'd see me in the morning for my 36 week appointment. The rest of that afternoon I felt fine and Logan began his usual movements. Thursday morning came and I felt great. Mike and I drove separately to the doctor for our appointment, since I was feeling fine and checked out okay at the hospital the day before. The nurse called us back, put Mike in a room, and then took my blood pressure. It was higher than it had ever been…180/100….that's stroke level.  My doctor was not happy. She came into the room and said "That number is unacceptable!" Before she even began the exam, she gave us two options. Option 1: Induce that day and deliver. Option 2: Be admitted to the hospital for a week to monitor my BP and let Logan bake for another week and then induce. At that moment, Mike and I were pretty much shocked and somewhat scared. We knew Logan was healthy and his heartbeat was great….it was me that we were worried about. Before we made our decision, she did the exam…turns out that at 36 weeks, I was almost 4 cm dilated and 80% effaced. After finding this out, Dr. Hampton said she would feel best if we delivered that day. Let's just say there were some tears shed, Dr. Hampton gave Mike and I a moment to ourselves, and then we left in 1 car to go to the hospital. Mike dropped me off to get checked in and he went home to get our bags. 

The nurses got me into my room quickly and started the pitocin drip. I was asked 3 times, "Is anyone coming to be with you.?" I think they felt bad for me being by myself. I told them "Oh just wait…this room will be full in no time!" By noon, my contractions were coming pretty fast and strong. I always considered myself to have a high pain tolerance, until I felt the very stong contractions. I was in terrible pain and no breathing technique from our classes could help! By the time I got my epidural I was almost complete and on cloud nine not feeling any pain at all! Within about 8 or so hours, it was time to push. Everyone but Mike left the room and our awesome L&D nurse got me pushing. About 30 minutes in, my blood pressure began to rise again and all of a sudden we couldn't hear Logan's heartbeat on the monitor anymore. It was the scariest feeling in the world! The nurse started moving quickly around the room, I think some other nurses came in too, and I was given an oxygen mask. Within a few minutes, we heard Logan's heartbeat again and my doctor came in. We pushed for 30 more minutes, but Logan hadn't budged at all over that entire hour of pushing. We talked and decided with my bp, Logan's heartbeat dropping, and him not moving at all, it was time to do a c-section and get him delivered. 45 minutes later, Logan came into the world at 8:48 pm and our lives were forever changed.  Other than a blood sugar issue, Logan was very healthy and big for being 4 weeks early.

We're so grateful for a wonderful doctor who realized how important it was for us to deliver that day for my health and Logan's. We're also blessed to have had wonderful family with us that day!

pups & kisses,

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